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Our experience and commitment to Health and Safety (H&S) is well proven in the number and quality of clients we assist. So if you are only just beginning to consider H&S issues, require CDM advice or have more specific H&S needs, we can help you through the complex legal framework.

The Worksafe Partnership is an independent health and safety consultancy offering support to a wide range of construction related businesses since 1991.

We provide a dedicated health and safety service to SME’s and sometimes larger businesses, working in or allied to the construction industry. Our title represents the type of service we offer, i.e. helping members to ‘work safely’ by them agreeing to be in ‘partnership’ on an annual renewable membership basis. From the outset, we have faithfully followed this concept.

In essence, the practice has developed along similar lines to that of a large company ‘Safety Department’ in as much that once you become a member, anyone from your company can ring us, at any time, to enquire about Health & Safety issues. The Worksafe Partnership will become part of your team, offering ‘hands-on’ help to your Managers/Supervisors when they are attempting to implement the many Statutory requirements affecting your business, thereby enabling them to carry out their duties within the legal framework.

Note: We hold full professional indemnity insurance to cover the services we offer.

Monitoring Safety On Site

Our qualified safety consultants undertake regular site visits to advise and assist on the full range of H&S issues that arise on sites or within your business premises.  You can expect to receive practical advice with achievable solutions discussed on site before we leave.

H&S Documentation and Systems

Our consultants will undertake a full and thorough review of your Health and Safety documentation and can then write new or update existing documents to provide the basis on which you can achieve effective implementation of Health and Safety throughout your business.

CDM Implementation

The Worksafe Partnership can assist professional teams taking on the role of Principal Designer or can act as the Principal Designer* to lead the implementation of CDM in the pre-construction phase of your project.      *This service will be available from September 2017 onwards.

Monitoring Safety On Site

Safety Officers undertake regular site visits and will advise on the complex issues surrounding this function including:

  • the management of health, safety and welfare at work;
  • consultation with employee techniques;
  • information on accident prevention programmes;
  • health and safety surveillance;
  • undertaking safety monitoring and auditing;
  • auditing safety procedures;

…all of which are now expected by all Principal Contractors. Visiting frequencies are agreed with Members in advance.

H&S Documentation & Systems

Included in the membership fee, our consultants will review your existing documentation and advise of any amendments/changes required.  A legally compliant H&S Policy Statement will be reviewed/updated and provided, as required, in consultation with you to fully reflect your business.  We can also assist with the development of further H&S Documentation and Systems, depending on your business needs.  This includes:

  • H&S Manuals
  • H&S Systems including Procedures and Forms
  • Risk Assessments & Method Statements
  • Construction Phase H&S Plans
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Training Plans
  • COSHH Assessments
  • Permits
  • plus any other H&S related documentation you may need

Just tell our consultants what you need and we can develop it with you.

CDM Implementation

In addition to our design related services, we can also provide advice and assistance to other duty-holders under the CDM Regulations including Clients, Principal Contractors and Contractors.  Our approach to CDM is to ensure a fully inclusive approach ensuring that all of your staff, whether they are designers or construction professionals, fully understand the important roles they have in the elimination or reduction of risk from the construction, maintenance and deconstruction phases of a project.  Other CDM aspects we can assist with are:

  • CDM Management Arrangements
  • CDM Training
  • Design H&S Plans
  • Effective use of Design Hazard Registers
  • H&S File

Wherever you need help to implement the requirements of CDM effectively, we can provide assistance.



The benefits of membership include:
  • Independent advice over the telephone at any time
  • Assistance when formulating your own health and safety policy documentation
  • Immediate access to our wide ranging health and safety technical library
  • Assistance in dealing with Principal Contractor questionnaires, tender submission documents, risk assessments, method statements etc.
  • Representing your company’s interests together with the interests of your operatives on site and at Principal Contractor meetings
  • Immediate site visits if problems exist that require the help of a Consultant to investigate and produce a report for the Director or Proprietor
  • Regular information updates on the management of health and safety through our bulletin service
  • Access to our health and safety training expertise

We offer a 24 hour helpline to ensure that Members working during out of normal office hours have access in case of serious accident or emergency.

Our Fees Explained

Our Fees Explained

Under the terms of membership, each member pays an annual fee which is applied proportionate to the size of their business, numbers employed and to the way in which they are managed internally in relation to health and safety.

For example, a company with an appointed Health and Safety Manager and only requiring our support as Consultants on an ad hoc basis would pay a lower fee than a company requiring us to play a key role in their health and safety management. It is, therefore, possible for large companies to be paying different fees because we are less involved in the management of their health and safety program.

We try to be fair in apportioning membership fees and some basis for our calculation is required. In essence, therefore, we set out our *fee scale to meet the members needs and in doing so accomodate the range of customers that we service as Health & Safety Consultants.

The annual fee includes the review of your existing Company/Business Health and Safety Policy Statement in the light of any legislative changes, together with the issue of an updated Company/Business policy statement where necessary. Whilst this review will consider a Client’s existing health and safety policy documentation, a charge will be made for any new or revised safety documents prepared and issued by us.

The annual fee also covers normal consultations for advice and access to our expertise when necessary. All other services, e.g. safety visits and training are charged in accordance with our fee scale.

*Our ‘Fee Scale’ is available on request.

Terms & Conditions of Membership

Terms & Conditions of Membership

  1. All membership fees are paid twelve months in advance. Failure to renew will render membership and representation void.
  2. All invoices are due for payment within our normal term of 30 days.
  3. Accounts which become excessively overdue will put your Membership status on hold until all outstanding invoices are paid.
  4. Members defaulting on payment will be advised that no further representation or work on their behalf can be undertaken until outstanding fees are paid. We would also decline any responsibility to the *HSE for failing to represent a defaulting member. To decline representation would be considered extreme and a last resort after due warning had been given on a final 7 day notice for payment.
  5. Members who are not willing to comply with safety legislation and yet wish to keep our services would not be keeping their side of the “Partnership” and therefore, we will decline our part by withdrawing any further representation. HSE enquiries would be referred back to the member.
  6. Members are responsible for compliance to the *RIDDOR Regulations including online submission of an accident, dangerous occurence or disease to the HSE. The Worksafe Partnership requires copies of those forms for their records.
  7. We require a minimum of 14 days notice to guarantee a visit or attendance at any Principal Contractor’s site Safety Meetings. The frequency of routine site safety inspection visits will be agreed with the Member’s Site Manager unless otherwise directed.
  8. Members are requested to notify us in writing of new sites together with start dates, 14 days prior to commencement to ensure full compliance to the *MSHW and *CDM Regulations.
  9. The Worksafe Partnership cannot take responsibility for sites that have not been notified by the Member.

*HSE – Health & Safety Executive
*RIDDOR – Reporting of Injuries, Diseases, Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013
*MHSW – Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999
*CDM – Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015

Other Services

In addition to our core services set-out above, we can provide further assistance to develop your teams through the various training courses we run and can also assist your business in becoming accredited or pre-qualified through the various H&S Assessment Schemes in the UK.  In addition to the provision of services to companies in the UK, we also provide advice and assistance to companies seeking to work in Qatar or to those already working in the region.


We offer in-company training to suit your needs including training for directors, management and supervision to help your management teams understand their full legal duties and give them the tools for effectively directing, managing or supervising H&S throughout your business.

Further to this, skills training is regularly carried out by The Worksafe Partnership on behalf of our members to enable them to comply with an Employers fundamental duty to assess competence, courses have included:

  • Office Safety;
  • Fire Warden;
  • Manual Handling;
  • Abrasive Wheels;
  • Slinger/Signalman;
  • Fall Arrest Equipment;
  • Others can be arranged as required.

Where external industry accreditation is required, The Worksafe Partnership can arrange for this training to be carried out on the member’s behalf.


H&S Assessment
With regards to Health & Safety Assessment Schemes, we can provide assistance to our Clients to understand the requirements and be prepared for assessments/audits.

We have helped many Clients become accredited or pre-qualified to many schemes including:

  • CHAS
  • Constructionline
  • Safe Contractor
  • Achilles
Our Managing Director, Mark Carrington, who spent 8 years working on a range of projects in Qatar is able to offer advice and assistance to companies seeking to work in Qatar or for Clients already undertaking work in the Gulf State.

Much of Qatar’s H&S requirements are based on UK legislation but nonetheless, understanding and implementing the full detail contained within the Qatar Construction Standards (QCS) can be daunting.  We can assist Clients with:

  • Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans
  • Provision of ‘CDM’ Engineer services
  • Design H&S Management Plans
  • H&S Training
  • And much more…

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